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Leadtech always tries to provide the best solution based on the experience of 2000 on-site constructions for 20 years. Leadtech product has been designated as the Public Procurement Service Excellent Product by its high technology & product. (Designated Number 2017177)  

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Product from Datapath, UK(product distribution)

Integrated Control System

Integrated Control System can show & share the display effectively by using various kinds of input source(physical cables + network signal).

Mobile Display Control Solution

Mobile display control solution (LeMoCon - Leadtech Mobile Controller) can let the users to show or send the film of the disaster scene or the voice records to the control room in real time by using mobile communication network (3G/LTE/5G) in the mobile phone.

Remote Viewer Solution

This solution allows to select and control the video source such as PC, CCTV(IP camera) and incoder network display from other control room or other remote location.

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Product Information

Wall Controller

Hybrid Wall Controller is a product that can accept various types of input source and display it on situation board effectively.    

Vivace Multi-Encoder

Vivace Multi-Encoder is a product that can receive video sources from terminal PCs connected to other network other than local network by HDMI cables and display it on situation board.           



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Public Procurement Service Excellent Product

Leadtech product is designated as excellent product by its technology & product.