Hybrid Wall Controller


Product Introduction

Hybrid Wall Controller can show & share the display effectively by accepting various kinds of input source(physical cables + network signal).

Main Functions

Proven core parts

Equipped with multi-output graphic card from Datapath UK (average MTBF 180,000 hours or more)

Product Certification

Product acquired number of certifications from accredited agency such as electromagnetic compatibility certification (KC certificate), GS, EPC and green certification etc.

Various Kinds of Input Source

Physical Input Source (HDMI, DVI, RGB, COMPOSITE, COMPONENT, HD-SDI, DP etc) and Network Input (PC, IP Camera etc)

Designated as Excellent Procurement Product

Designated as excellent procurement product for the specialization of video equipment technology and delivered to public institutions, military, private company and showroom for 20 years

Application field

Hybrid wall controller is effectively operated in accordance with each control situation in many important facilities such as public institutions, military, railway and transportation institutions, and private companies. Furthermore, it is widely operated in outdoor advertisements, exhibitions, and stadiums.

CCTV integrated control center

Display CCTV video of operating PCs in large situation board

Railroad and traffic control center

Executing MMI program directly at wall controller

Private Enterprise

Display videos of operating PC and DVR on large situation screen
입력 받아서 대형 상황판에 표출하는 방식

Advertise and exhibition

Display multi monitor of operating PCs on large situation screen


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