Mobile Display Control Solution

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Solution Introduction

Mobile display control solution (LeMoCon - Leadtech Mobile Controller) can let the users to show or send the film of the disaster scene or the voice records to the control room in real time by using mobile communication network (3G/LTE/5G) in the mobile phone.

Main Functions


-Message(Chat) : One on one messaging and group messaging is available. (message can be saved and restored)
-Live : Real-time video and audio can be shared through the situation board
-Etc: Disaster images or videos can be transmitted from a mobile phone


- Authority : User account and authority can be managed.
- Web security : Web transfer SSL authentication, AES and DTLS applied
- P2P : P2P transfer

High quality data transfer

- Video quality : Support up to 1080P@30FPS
- Data Control : Flow control function available

Various kind of settings supported

Browser : Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
- Terminal : Mobile phone, Notebook etc

Video recording function

- Recording function : Provides simultaneous recording of videos and individual selection recording
- Save function : Split file storage (by time, size)

Construct and manage

- Low price to construct compared to existing video conferencing systems

Construction Diagram

This is the overall configuration of a CCTV control room with mobile video control solution (LeMoCon - Leadtech Mobile Controller) applied to the integrated control system, and the structure of the transmission method is as follows.

Construction Case


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